Keeping Texas Safe, One Media at a Time

(Austin, TX)  For the 10th year Blitz Media Labs has partnered with BAH! Design and Wick Marketing to create this year's Texas Mutual Insurance Company's statewide campaign.  This year the overall campaign is a focus on handshake-close activities tied to the cause of workplace safety-- "Work Safe, Texas." The existing url provided the home base for the building of this highly localized campaign.

"We were able to leverage our media investments with our local and statewide partners," explained Eileen Keller, CEO of inc. and Blitz Media Labs, "to create a multi-dimensional presence for Texas Mutual Insurance inside all of the points of content distribution. We worked hard to create specialized native content through our media partners and to make sure we had a strong 'white hat' image with an event-centric profile.  It's what we are known for - creating realities through media investments."

In addition to the statewide "Work Safe, Texas" campaign, Blitz Media Labs has created the media platforms and partnerships for Texas Mutual's Safe Hand Texas presence in Amarillo and Victoria.  

"This public safety initiative touches our hearts.  As 7th generation Texans we care about the safety of drivers in the oil and gas industries as well as the citizens of the surrounding markets.  We want to thank all of the media in these markets for working with us to create a dynamic campaign for the summer of 2014," explained Keller. 

Aggressive negotiations and a tug or two at the heartstrings of the media has yielded  bonus placement and a feel-good involvement for all participants.

"We just want to save lives," said Keller.

Blitz Media Labs is a subsidiary of inc., a 19 year old Texas grown and Austin based company dedicated to making dreams come true. 

For more information or to schedule an interview with Eileen Keller, or any representatives of, Blitz Media Labs, or Texas Mutual Insurance, please contact or call (512) 476-2548.