Creating Emotional Tattoos

What is an "emotional tattoo?"

It's not about hitting a target. It's not about branding a group of people with a hot stick.

It's about creating a message that solves a problem.

Finding your "friends and family"

With whom are you trying to create a partnership for your product?

Why do they need it?

What will make them carry it forward into the future?

Your role is to provide for the future.

Your role is to define points of reference that your friends and family use.

What do they read?

What do they watch?

To what do they listen?

We need a list of what they trust to tell them what to do.

Your joy will be in giving them the perfect solution.

Once you determine where they spend time finding out what to do, you need to define the value of that point of reference in reaching your friends and family.

Solutions are the most valuable commodity to your product's friends and family.

You want your people to care about your product.

You want your people to pay someone to have your name with them all of the time.

You want to create a true relationship.