What People Have to Say


"As the Chief Professional Officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Austin from 1990 through 1994, I had the opportunity to work closely with Eileen Keller and her associates. During that period, our organization enjoyed record growth and development; Eileen gets a great deal of the credit for those results." Robert Alberts, Donami Sport

"Few use all of the colors in the media toolbox (to mix metaphors) as well as Eileen Keller does. She gets both the art and the science of it, in a world whose technology and media are changing daily. She thinks more comprehensively, creatively and strategically than any other media planner in my experience, and she is an incredibly talented negotiator across the entire communications landscape…the Blitz global plan of action was absolutely spot-on; the business took off and is a huge success today with millions of members, due to the highly innovative online and traditional media solutions." Dee Covey, PR/ER and DSPR, Inc.

"They are fast, knowledgeable and dependable, with a quicksilver intellect, as well as, fun and creative for brainstorming ideas and super effective at their implementation." Romalda Allsup, Terra Toys

"We have found their processes and attention to accountable investments to be superior. This has resulted in our client being able to achieve one of the highest levels of subscriber retention in the industry, even across soft markets. During this time, we have been pleased that Blitz Media Labs has accumulated over $9 million in value-added presence for our client." Amy Wick, Wick Marketing